Saturday, January 02, 2010

January 8 Eastside Art Openings+

The art is resting in January. Many galleries are continuing shows from December. A few are not opening this evening.

I am excited about the socially conscious branch of social practice art. It's artists working with others to create social or political change. There are plenty of challenges we face as a society which can benefit from those positive changes. An outstanding example is Project Grow, of which we've written. The vegetable beds are sleeping. The goats, chickens, yogis, artists and clients are not. Tonight will be one of their irregular events for the art community and those interested. Founder Natasha Wheat speaks on the "The Tensions Between Utopic and Dystopic Constructions". It is a heady question for humans and artists. The Sprockettes, Portland's choreographed bike dance team, founders of the genre which has spread to several other cities, perform. At the Port City Development Center. 2124 N Williams Ave at Tillamook. Enter in the back of the building on either Tillamook or Thompson. 6PM-10 Free

Liz Obert is an idea-based photographer. She shows Mapping Marnay-sur-Seine tonight at a gallery sited in a long running Portland studio for photographers. It has a similarity to a project in which she collected artifacts at a North Portland intersection. At Alpern Gallery 2552 NW Vaughn

23 Sandy, which specializes in photography-based art, and the book arts, hosts a closing show this evening. The show is The Assignment, co-organized with the College Book Art Association. So that would be books. At 623 NE 23 at Sandy 5PM-8

The Grass Hut has bright cartoon-style illustrations by lowbrow artist Skinner. At Grass Hut

Nemo is a branding concern, so their art events often have a tie-in. That would be the case tonight for a snow/skate-themed art show and fundraiser. At Nemo Design 1875 SE Belmont