Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 24 $5 Stock

Stock is sold out. They didn't sell out, but they are sold out. Though they do have standing room tickets.

Stock is an open source funding vehicle for Portland artists modeled after Chicago's Sunday Soup granting project. The social practice art organizers prepare a simple meal involving soup and salad. Diners, you, dine upon it in conversation for the price of $10, while discussing a handful of artist proposals with the artists and your fellow diners. The diners vote to award one artist a grant of the proceeds of the night. The artist then reports back at a future dinner the results of their project.

This month, artists Vanessa Renwick, Eric Steen, Forrest Martin, Marshall Berg, Nicole Lavelle, the Research Club and Chris Haberman present proposals for funding. Previous grant recipients Public Social University and Dafna Margalit report back.

The "standing room" tickets, a vote but no food for $5 are still available by mail: portlandstock at gmail. Event 6PM-8.