Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 31 The Cult of Arduino Induction

The Arduino project was founded by artist Massimo Banzi of the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea and the graduate school of design Domus in Milan, now merged. The phrase Cult of Arduino may have been coined here at Portland Dorkbot, which makes a minimalist and thrifty prototyping kit, the Dorkboard.


We live in a magical world where a single electronic touch can trigger a cascade of events indistinguishable from magic. Artists are incorporating the electronic magic into their work by figuring out Arduino and writing or finding on the Internet small software programs for it, intimate spells that make the magic.

This is one of the regular, affordable, Portland workshops where artists can gain an introduction and leave the same day with a working project. No experience necessary!

Details and registration at Learn Scandinavian Voodoo at Arduino Cult Induction. Workshop at PNCA www.pnca.edu Room 205 1PM-5 $35