Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17 Art Bar Concept

Local entrepreneur Ashley Bernatchez is opening Portland's first bar dedicated to art making. Many locations have been great exhibition venues for visual artists. Portland's Blue Gallery, its motto, "Art Music Beer" operated over 20 years ago. Today most self respecting bars have active art display programs, some consistently curated, such as Valentines, The Goodfoot, Aalto, Press Club and The Know. There are several regular figure drawing events at bars and sometimes design, animation, graffiti and live painting.

The Canvas Art Bar sells art materials, use there or take home, hosts weekly figure drawing and music. It's a small art store in a bar, an intriguing concept which will establish its own ecosystem, yet unknown. In the inner industrial NW, by the PNCA MFA studios. For details At 1800 NW Upshur.