Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17,25 Judd Related

Noted minimalist sculptor, Donald Judd, is dead. But in his career he firmly established the idea that artists can hire fabricators to make work. It's now commonplace, even in painting. He established the iconoclastic, now iconic, Judd center in Marfa, Texas. Marfa is home to artist retreats, from which many Portland artists have benefited.

Portland artist, curator, writer, Jeff Jahn has organized a conference on Judd in Portland. There are a series of talks and a distinguished panel at the UofO on April 25. The April 25, day long conference, features distinguished architect Arata Isozaki; noted curator, writer and academic Robert Storr; first person fabricator of Judd's work, now restorator, Peter Ballantine; and chief curator at the Portland Art Museum, Bruce Guenther. It's hosted and cosponsored by the University of Oregon, the intent is to lay down original material for history.

April 17, a panel of Portland artists bring home Judd in a discussion of the intersection of Judd's ideas and their own work. Included are Storm Tharp, Laura Fritz, Victor Maldonado, Arcy Douglass and Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen and Jeff Jahn.

April 17 Talk at PNCA, Room 201,
1241 NW Johnson. 3PM Free

April 25 Conference at University of Oregon Portland White Stag. 70 NW Couch. 9AM-5PM Includes lunch $85/35 students