Sunday, February 06, 2011

February 10 RECESS is Over

The Artistery has declared success and is closing. The Artistery has been one of Portland's most successful all ages venues. Music is art. It's not covered here because others do it much better elsewhere. Music and art have thrived together at the Artistery in a building likely to be town down by developers and that day has come. It joins whole neighborhoods no more that were home to artist studios, band practice space, experimental performance spaces, collaboration and leading edge culture, worldwide.

An Artistery project is the RECESS Gallery programmed by experimental curator Tori Abernathy. Abernathy combines a deep curiosity for systems thinking, social practice ideas proposed by Joseph Beuys and a John Cage-like process of chance combination. In an ongoing, The Synthesis Series, at RECESS and in other venues, she has arranged artist collaborator pairs by chance, that shift. Other shows have included leading idea based Portland artists, social media themed art, mobile phone generated art, art on language and memory.

This Thursday is one of the last times the art venue will be open. Stop by. At RECESS 4315 SE Division 7PM-11