Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 23 Is It a Mouse? Is It a Ghost?

This idea started in Brooklyn. It's a perfect excample of new arts presentation models that are popular with audiences, and are fueled by drink sales. Hope the performers and artists are paid. Tonight's Portland edition of Mouse Ghost is coproduced by Ladycop and Together Gallery as a ladycop tour platform. Visual arts include Together editioned prints by Evan B. Harris, Ben Tour, Adam Friedman, Mark Warren Jacques, Nas Chompas, Timothy Karpinski and David Wein at $40 and $80. Jessie Malmed, who is also part of Deep Leap Microcinema, doing a multimedia performace. Fashion will be represented by Golden Rule, Little Edie's Five and Dime, and Clawhammer and Clothespin. Choreographer-dancer Lucy Yim previews Loose Hands Lunging with Jin Camou, Alyssa Reed and Danielle Ross and accompanied by Jean Paul Jenkins and Michael Degutis. At Holocene www.holocene.org 1001 SE Morrison 9PM $5