Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 26 Motley Crew

Publication Studio has been making a name and a business printing on demand books that reach their intended audience, not just fill the pipes. It's a far cry from the expired business model of the late Borders and upstream pipe publishers. Tonight is the release of John Motley's thoughtful writing on shows at Fourteen30 Contemporary Art, one of the most progressive Portland galleries, if not the most. Writing is critical in constructing narrative around art. RSVP required, owing a very very small space, but it's free. RSVP via email at 7PM-10 Free

(By the way, send to LA friends news of a PubStud event on Chung King Road tonight too)

Disjecta opens a large installation fabricated of wood by Karl Burkheimer. It was curated by large installation sculptor Jeanine Nagy, who has spectacularly filled the space in the past. At Disjecta 8371 N Interstate 6-10PM Free