Friday, July 13, 2012

July 17-30 Appendix Online

Appendix Project Space has a new online art program. It allows them to reach an international audience. Rare Earth Sculptures - Cerium is a project by Iain Ball.

Usually we write all original material for these posts. But we are not going to do that for this. I have a science background, so I'm really not a supporter of loosely curated scientific mysticism. There is plenty of great science that can be connected with art.

"Rare Earth Sculptures b. 2011 - a subset of Energy Pangea - is an ongoing project which uses the seventeen rare earth elements as access points for environmental thinking.

In [Rare Earth Sculptures] - Cerium, Ball uses a Hydroshearing (geothermal energy) project taking place within a dormant volcano in Oregon, conceiving of the show as mind space which creates metaphysical undercurrents directed towards hyperobjects distributed through various technological apparatus, minerals and weather patterns. [RES] Cerium becomes a piece of ‘inverted land art’ and the gallery's invitation for a web release is turned into a exploration of nonlocality that points both toward and away from the exhibition space/information space and their wider geological parameters. Cerium uses detritus associated with filtration, transformation and a composite formula resulting in carbon dioxide to create a kind of homeopathic remedy, filtering escalating climate-anxiety as a catalyst towards the ecological thought."

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