Friday, July 27, 2012

July 28 Deep Wallz

Deep is a monthly hiphop dance battle. Tonight they break it down a little differently. All competitors register as individuals. There are about 80. They will be randomly combined into four massive groups. The groups battle, and the surviving groups are then randomly combined into two large crews. That process continues until the last 1 on 1 battle. All battles crowd judged. Exhibitions by Paint Dance, Durante Lambert's Queen, Def Con 5 and The Beat Bangerz. All ages, adult beverages available for adults. At The Slate, 2001 NW 19th #104 6PM-10 $10

We'll be honest, we're more central city-focused. But that doesn't mean there is not cultural innovation further out where larger space is more easily available. St Johns has an art renaissance starting with the Modern Zoo show in the old Columbia Sportswear building, made possible when Columbia moved to Beaverton. Beaverton has Parkour. Portland hiphop dance is highly suburban, same for Maker robot culture. 82nd has a pioneer spot in the Milepost5 plex. Another example is the Lumberyard indoor MBX bike course. It is a training ground for the next extreme sports olympians and a place to ride dry inside. The Wallz is a new space connected with the Lumberyard dedicated to graf art. They will have standalone work for sale and pieces covering the large wall that will evolve. This little art and play complex also has yoga, beer and food. Opening tonight, The Wallz 2700 NE 82nd All ages. 7PM-10 Free