Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 20 Sharks in the Balance

In the Balance is a show by Portland artist Jodie Cavalier. She makes minimal sculptures of everyday materials. There is a reception for the show tonight. At the Lodge Gallery in Allied Works, 1532 SW Morrison. Open weekdays 9AM-5PM until July 30. Opening reception tonight 7PM-9 Free

Sharks get a bad rap. They are primitive, curious and sensitive. They are also under pressure for their fins. Caught, fins removed, thrown back to die. Significant populations are endangered, and that problem is growing, growing along with sea depopulation by overfishing we have noted in some previous posts. It really recalls tragic hunting practices of the past such as hunting buffaloes for their tongues, elephants for their tusks and rhinos for their horns.

The PangeaSeed Project and the Beneath the Waves Film Project team to present The Great West Coast Migration. It's a collection of shark-themed art and sea-themed films traveling outsider art spaces to raise awareness. Tonight it is at Grass Hut. Here is the art link: www.pangeaseed.org/2012/07/pangeaseed-presents-the-great-west-coast-migration-art-benefit-for-sharks-and-oceans/ and the film project link: www.beneaththewavesfilmfest.org/2012-festival/. Here is more shark news: www.virgin.com/people-and-planet/blog/say-no-to-shark-fin-soup. It is probably not the greatest fish to eat, many varieties are climax species, so they accumulate mercury in the food chain. A drink and a raffle chance included in the admission tonight. The show continues free Saturday and Sunday only. Saturday is the film festival and bring some vegies to BBQ 7PM-10. At Grass Hut in Floating World. www.grasshutcorp.com 400 NE Couch 6PM-9 $5-10