Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February 1 A Japanese Spaghetti Western

The 1985 film Tampopo is a fun classic from Japan by the great director Itami.

Widow Tampopo operates a failing ramen restaurant along a highway. GorĂ´ is a truck driver inspired by the American West, with his cowboy hat, a truck festooned by a set of bull horns and his sidekick Gun in an early roe for Ken Watanabe.

He becomes inspired to work with her to improve her ramen. After a few comic twists, plenty of slapstick and wry commentary on Japanese cultural foibles, Tampopo's ramen shop becomes a national phenomenon. In the last scene, he rides his truck off into the sunset. It is a spaghetti Western!

Umi Organic Ramen Noodles with Hapa PDX Broth will be served to filmgoers as supplies last. It is also a benefit for the Oregon Food Bank. It is a presentation by the Portland Museum of Modern Art and Mississippi Records. Advance tickets strongly recommended.

At the Hollywood Theater www.hollywoodtheatre.org 4122 NE Sandy 7:30 $9