Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27 Spark Sport Touch Closer

Art Spark is back. It is an opportunity sponsored by RACC for creatives, curators and art business individuals to network over happy hour. Art Spark at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison 5:30PM-7:30 Free

GoodSport has 00:00:00, visual art at Project205. 707 NE Broadway #205. 6PM-9 Free

Maria Antelman has My Touch, Your Command, Your Touch, My Command. At Melanie Flood Projects, 420 SW Washington St #301 6PM-8 Free

Lean in Closer is a group show by Ryan Bubnis, Ian Ferguson, Lori Field, Evan B. Harris, Andrea Joyce Heimer, Max Kauffman, Troy Lovegates, Jaime Molina, Kreh Melick, Stacy Rozich and Betsy Walton, curated by one of the artists. Lean in Closer at Stephanie Chefas Projects 305 SE 3rd Ave #202 - the City Sign Building, formerly a low cost artist space Map 7PM-10 Free