Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October 11, 13 Interactive Installation @ 911 Seattle

This is hard to describe, much less imagine, thus it must be seen. We all know of Marco Polo's travels to the East. Imagine the reverse journey, of a fictional Japanese woman, West. Artist Tamiko Thiel has done so in “The Travels of Mariko Horo”.

It is a 3d virtual world in which you, the viewer, experience the journey from Mariko's point of view. The story takes place between the 12th and 22nd centuries, enabled by time travel.

Tamiko Thiel's piece opens this evening with a reception, contact the center for details on the show's run.

On Saturday see a video of "In the Land of Babari-an". For this piece, the artist controlled the narrative path of the "The Travels of Mariko Horo" VR offstage, while dancers Shinichi Iova-Koga (inkBoat, San Francisco) and Ishide Takuya (Tokyo) performed in front of the screen.

Thank you Brenda Laurel.

At 911 Media Arts Center, 402 9th Ave N, Seattle.

Opening reception Oct 11, 6-9PM
Dance-installation video Oct 13, 4:30PM
Both Free.