Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October 19-24 Portland Fashion Week

Fashion has sometimes a bad rap. It stands in for economic-class issues, celebrity culture, junior high in-ies vs out-ies carried on into life. On the other hand, it is a form of communication at a distance which can be used to fight evil. And make people smile. In Portland I think it is a force for good. Independent creative artists started by reconstructing previously made pieces and then added new sustainable materials to the mix. It is supporting people economically in Portland and we are even exporting beautiful things to other cities. That's economically sustainable.

Portland Fashion Week is a distillation of all of those creative vectors. If you are going, consider what one of a kind or small local label item you will wear to communicate your values at a distance. Maybe you made it yourself.

Much more informed information than I can provide on all the events can be found at ultrapdx.com. The venue is the always surreal Portland Shipyard. Leave plenty of time to find and arrive. Depending on what space they are using at the shipyard, tickets may be limited.

Details on all of the events at Portland Fashion Week. Tickets are also available in person at Dragonlily, Souchi, Visage, Dana Lynn, Greenloop and IDOM