Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 5 Eastside Art Openings

At the Grass Hut, Shawn Wolfe shows "ponderous, playful, pointless and panicky" graphic work crafted with "heartfelt ambivalence". Sounds very post post ironic. Mike and Michelle Kelly, Le Merde make painting, sculpture and figures. See all of the above at the Grass Hut

Moshi moshi is vibin'on halloween too with a show by Brett Superstar, Tripper, Nicolai Dornstauder, Dung Ho, RITS, Nomearts, Geneva Smith and Justin Scrappers Morrison. Moshi-Moshi

Redux shows collage works by Jason Dietz. Some are glossy magazine snips or made from paint chips. Some are fantastic landscapes, others cityscapes. At reduce reuse redux

all 811 E Burnside

Painter Rose McCormick shows "Americana", paintings at the New American Art Union. McCormick's paintings are bright, made with egg tempura which works well with her style. Here is a link good for this month of her paintings. At New American Art Union 922 SE Ankeny

Newspace shows work by Todd Stewart, Paul Yurkovich & Rishi Singhal. Newspace is no longer new, it's 5. So later in the evening, they are celebrating their birthday at Holocene with music by Cicada Omega and Bark, Hide and Horn $8 Holocene:1001 SE Morrison. Newspace Gallery:1632 SE 10

The 23 Sandy photospace shows Photo+Construct. It's a group show in which artists incorporate photomaterial into sculptural and flatter mixed media work. This gallery is a welcome addition to Portland's photography ecosystem. 623 NE 23rd Avenue three doors north of Sandy Boulevard.

The Eastside artshop guide has been updated, so there is much more cool stuff than I could possible know there: