Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October 15 Alan McCollum on Population and Art

Alan McCollum is working on a large project to create a unique 2D profile for every person on the planet, up to, and including, the anticipated peak of over 9 billion in about 2050. This work continues a long series of unique multiples begun in 1969. On its surface, McCollum's obsession seems odd. Consider though the art world's obsession with rarity and singular uniqueness. The one Van Gogh oil. McCollum's exponentially scaled output is a direct challenge to the idea. With his Shapes project, the scale of billions is such that he cannot complete the project in his lifetime. It is designed as an Adobe Illustrator algorithm which others can carry forward. It is also a meditative touch point for our species' sustainability on lifeship earth.

At the PSU 5th Ave Cinemas 510 SW Hall Room 92 7:30PM Free