Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 21 Art&War: Commentary in Ceramic

Richard Notkin makes maddeningly refined ceramic sculpture. Those finely detailed miniature YiXing Chinese teapots from Jiangsu province are his inspiration.

I believe craft is characterized by an overwelming emphasis on technique passed between individuals. Contemporary art places heavy focus on the idea behind the piece. Notkin gravitates more toward the idea pole but with work that reminds fine craft. Thus, he is perfect for a slide lecture sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Craft. It is "Art&War Four Decades of Social Commentary in Clay".

No matter your political persuasion, it is hard to disagree with Notkin's thesis, expressed in his work: "We have stumbled into the 21st Century with the technologies of 'Star Wars' and the emotional maturity of cavemen... Ultimately, my current works are about lessons heard, but not heeded, during the 20th Century, and how these ignored lessons will affect this new century and the human species' ability (or inability) to survive the next 100 years. My work is a visual plea for sanity. It's really quite simple."

Notkin speaks at PNCA NW Johnson x 13th. Reception 3, talk 4PM Free