Monday, September 08, 2008

September 10 Sudenly Milepost 5

Reed's Coolley Gallery mounts serious and challenging shows. I once saw an installation with live sheep in the gallery. Their current show, Suddenly, is mediation on cites in the form of collage.

Milepost 5 is experiment in non- and for-profit development of artist space. Reed's Coolley has established an instantiation there.

Smart talks, installation, art and sound inagurate the space tonight on the 4th floor deck. Anthropologist-traveler Colin Beattie opines on greater Beaverton, which encompasses Guatemala and the Sonoran Desert in it's mini-melting pot. Mike Merrill™, the man who is a free market corporation presents his latest projects. Michael McManus has a sound installation; Shawn Records, photographs and Gary Wiseman, famous for his collaborational-explorative tea parties and Kitchen Sink installation projects is up to something new.

At Milepost 5 900 NE 81st (go by MAX) 7PM Free