Friday, September 26, 2008

September 26 Gallery Love Menu

Jeanine Jablonski opens her new gallery FOURTEEN30, named by address. That would be 1430 SE 3rd, passed by Hawthorne Bridge viaducts above and near by Audiocinema. It was Laurel Gitlen's old space, Small A Projects.

Jablonsky knows not only the spirit of art but its innards. She plans to show sparky contemporary work, educating Portland collectors. The first show is by Devon Oder. Photographer Oder creates abstract photographic work which has been exhibited in group shows in LA's more experimental Chunk King Road gallery district.

We are looking forward to FOURTEEN30 unfolding before us great work! 1430 SE 3rd Opening 6PM-9

Pop up shops, big thing in branding, have taken some time to get to Portland. But they find themselves so perfectly adapted, here, now. Pop up shops are short term retail instantiations, often with unique merch, in otherwise vacant retail-other spaces, sometimes with receptions and music. The perfect storm of beauty. There for a day, a week or a month.

Seaplane, Portland's first independent clothing store and early adopter of modded up reuse opens a pop up shop for Emily Katz this weekend. Katz has two primary vectors. The locally adapted embriodered shirts and jackets in her Bonnie Heart Clyde style; and clean design dresses which are sold here and in LA. Included too will be modded up shoes and jewelery. And her artwork, zines and music. Saturday and Sunday, you can bring a piece of clothing to be embroidered for a very reasonable fee. Friday Love Menu plays at 8.

At 919 NW 23rd and Friday 7PM-11, Saturday & Sunday retailish hours.