Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 14 City Dance

A free thing is a collaboration between modern dancers and 21st century music. Local dance designers Linda Austin, Linda K. Johnson, Tere Mathern and Cydney Wilkes have wrangled dance movers Jess Bollaert, Chane Gilbert, Julie Katch, Paige McKinney, Kaj, Anne Pepper, Rikki Rothenberg, Noelle Stiles, Jennifer Camou, Fawn Williams, Emily Stone, Karen Alexander, Heidi Diaz, Taryn Johnson, Lena Sradnick, Dina Colosimo, Kathleen Keogh, Lily Gael, Elizabeth Longphere, Lizzie Karr, Amit Bohara, Hannah Downs, Esther LaPointe, Faith Levine, Tere Mathern, Jim McGinn, Keely McIntyre, Eric Nordstrom, Mike Barber, Tracy Broyles, Meshi Chavez, Jenn Gierada, Carla Mann and Lucy Yim. The Third Angle Music Ensemble has selected music from Morton Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros and Terry Riley. Randy Gragg provides writing and research.

All of this is a meditation on the collaboration of seminal modern dancer Anna Halpern and her landscape architect husband, Lawrence Halpern. The sites are the fountains and plazas designed by Lawrence Halpern in Portland. The music has been selected from composers who collaborated with the Halperns on their dance "happenings" in the 1960's. The event kicks off at the Keller Fountain, between SW Market and Clay. 3rd and 4th. Then it migrates South along the 3rd street to the other Halpern fountains. Repeats twice 1PM-3 and 4PM-6 and it's free!