Thursday, September 04, 2008

September 4 Westside Art Openings

Sean Healy shows wall sculptures at Elizabeth Leach. Healy has long been known for work incorporating large numbers of similar elements in cast materials. Tonight these elements include colorful miniature teardrop camping trailers and his take on picket fences. Another body of work are skeletal dyptic tracings of wild animals paired with quilts and lace. Healy has been successful at bringing his work to Europe and creating public art commissions. He is also represented at the Volume show at Worksound. 417 NW 9th

"Blurring the Line: the art of thread" are modern extrapolations made with fabric and thread. Artists Hildur Bjarnadottir, Diem Chau, Linda Hutchins and Jen Pack produce minimalist work with just enough complexity, elegance and mystery. At Pulliam Deffenbaugh 929 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Portland sculptural artist Hillary Pfeifer creates agglomerations of handmade elements. Sometimes they remind of toys, or bugs or some microscopic creature rendered large. This work is perfect for Ogle which often fills its space with grand sculpture or arte povera-feeling work. 310 NW Broadway early close 8:30PM

Tad Savinar is a smart Portland artist with a smart conceptual bent, often word centered. Some of his work falls into the realm of information aesthetics. Along with sculptures by Goldsmiths-minted Seattle sculptor Victoria Haven. At PDX Contemporary Art 925 NW Flanders early close 8PM

P:EAR is an art program for homeless youth. Each kid is different and some are reached by making art. P:EAR pairs the kids monthly with a local artist and they all make coinspired work which is shown in the gallery. They have moved from their old decrepit building with flooding and a failing roof to new digs with a larger gallery space opening tonight. Artists Hayley Barker, Irana Douer, Maureen Gubia and Nicole Erika Smith share the walls with the kids. At P:EAR 338 NW 6th

"All I can do is dream" is a show of dream inspired work by Lisa Beyer, Kristie Louderbough, Meg Peterson and Shanon Schollian at a new gallery, the Fontanelle. 205 SW Pine

For an art history moment, see prints by Catalan surrealist Joan MirĂ³ at Augen 716 NW Davis early close 8:30

You have to admire the scale of Dutch-now in Portland artist Henk Pender's work. They are grand realist works with a rough surreal edge. I haven't seen this show, his edge may be tapering. At Laura Russo Gallery 805 NW 21st

Don't forget the other Desoto block galleries including the Manuf®actured show at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. The show, curated by ID Magazine editor Steven Skov Holt and art historian Mara Holt Skov, encompases work made from repurposed mass manufactured objects. Sort of a crafty take on artists like Choi Jeong Hwa. This is an excellent example of where the Museum of Contemporary Craft wants to take the discussion of craft aesthetics. Yes! At the Museum of Contemporary Craft 724 NW Davis

The Everett Station Lofts are recommended, as always - bounded by NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th.