Friday, September 26, 2008

September 27 Rocking Demagnetic Biomorphic Style

Artist Patrick Rock, schooled in SF, has been making idea-based grand sculptures, including a giant inflatable hot dog. A person or two can get inside its 25 foot length. For some time he has converted his storefront home into a challenging art gallery, Rocksbox.

Tonight Rocksbox opens work by Bruce Conkle. Conkle samples the NW landscape and culture, including Bigfoot, through an ironic and playful lens. Owing to its storied commercial past, including as an alarm company, Rocksbox's labrynthian spaces are a perfect venue for Conkle's instalations, sculptures and 2d work. 6540 N Interstate 7PM-11 Free

Artist Hillary Pfeifer speaks on her biomorphic work, beautifully installed at Ogle, this afternoon. Worth seeing and you may enjoy the artist's bright sense of playfulness. At Ogle Corner of NW Broadway and Everett 1PM Free

Another thing is a new experimental cabaret at Gallery Homelend, Demagnetic. Performers active in the experimental poetry, theater and dance scenes, David Abel, Linda Austin, Tony Christy, Bethany Ides, Mark Owens will no doubt bring a dada slant. 2505 SE 11th x Division 8PM