Monday, August 02, 2010

August 5 Westside Art Openings

Data visualization is all the rage. That's good. It can be a big help understanding the world's problems with a view to a solution. Perhaps it is the result of a few aesthetic generations' exposure to the great work of Edward Tufte. Maybe in a few years, these 2d visualizations will have the feel we have today for Eames or Charles Joseph Minard. That's because data visualization is continually improving on the way to full moving 3d immersion. Tonight is an opportunity to sample the current state. Noted data-vis designer Aaron Koblin shows examples tonight. Koblin's work is in MOMA's permanent collection and he received a first place award from the NSF for his work. At W+K 224 NW 13th 5PM-9 Free

The Everett Lofts, bounded by NW Broadway, Flanders, 6th and Everett are always recommended for your viewing pleasure. Breeze Block is a new occupant. Tonight is their annual rooftop show - head upstairs from the Everett side.

Relative Picnic is a group show by staff, family and friends of PDX Gallery, including Midori Hirose, Monica Angle, Graham Bell, Greg Bell, Lillian Kingery, Peter Gronquist, Silas Beebe, Montana Maurice, Nell Warren, Wendy Burden, Jarrod McCann, Greg Misarti, Dieta von Matthiessen and Tina Beebe. Very varied. At PDX Contemporary Art map 925 NW Flanders early close 8PM

Next door the group Richard Hoyen, Adam Silverman, Mara Baldwin, Doron Fishman and Julianna Bright of the Golden Bears have a show too. This is an exciting move for both the gallery and Bright, her last Portland show was at the lovely Fontanelle. Bright also shows extensively outside Portland, an essential strategy for Portland artists. At Pulliam Deffenbaugh until 8

Getting into group think is an unusual triple bill: Antonio Martinez, Near the Egress - video installation and frame by tintypes; Jim Vecchi, so much depends...; and Lori Waselchuk, Grace Before Dying. Near the Egress was shot at a circus. We all have childhood memories of circuses and zoos; as adults, we have mixed emotions owing captive wild animals. Waselchuk has documented maximum security prisoners caring for fellow terminally ill prisoners at Louisiana's Angola State Penitentiary. Most of the prisoners are serving life with no possibility of parole. They will die there. Weighty material, but the program has greatly improved the prison community. At Blue Sky Gallery map 122 NW 8th

Paper Cuts is a group show with Apricot Mantle, David Stein, Bryce Flynt Somerville, Mary Syring, Sonya Fu, Meg Hasegawa, Yasutaka Matsumoto, Meyoko and Sherry Delorme. A great Summer-y show. At Compound Gallery 107 NW 5th

The Lizard Lounge has music and art amidst smart clothing. Arsenio Torres painter, displays work while his father Bobby Tores, provides perfect Summer-y music. At Lizard Lounge 1323 NW Irving 7PM-10

Over by the PNCA MFA studios there is a new space that's been open for a few months, The Canvas Art Bar. You just have to go to understand what they are up to. They open a show of abstract paintings by Crae Hasler-Elliott with downtempo DJ Devon. At Canvas Art Bar 1800 NW Upshur 6PM-9