Monday, August 16, 2010

August 19 Art Spark, Vanessa Renwick, Mise en Abyme

Art Spark this month touches on the TBA Festival, September 9-19. Tonight Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, a movement performance ensem, previews work destined for TBA on September 14. at Mississippi Studios' BarBar, 3939 N. Mississippi 5PM-7, performance 6. Free

Vanessa Renwick is a Portland punk rock filmmaker. Punk rock in the sense of ignoring boundaries in making film, and promoting it, diy-style, on road trips to college towns, often showing in rock venues, basements and coffee houses. And it's working. Who can argue with the name of her production unit, Oregon Department of Kick Ass. At Grand Detour, 215 SE Morrison Street, Suite 2020. 8PM Arrive within 15 minutes of start for admission due to building security.

Mise en abyme is Emily Hyde's light bending art work, viewable this month from sunset to sunrise. The title is a rich metaphor. Tonight is an opening with the artist, early, unlikely the work will be in operation. Later it's viewable nighttimes through the glass windows of the installation space. Presented by the Heidi McBride Gallery and Consultancy Installation at SW River Pkwy & SW Gaines St in the South Waterfront development. Opening 7PM-9 Free