Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 15 August Stock and Foreman Flavored Theater

The STOCK art grant dinner takes up residency at PNCA this month. Artists produce project proposals that could use a little cash to realize. The diners, you, sup on a simple meal, and vote on the proposals. It's your heady responsibility to select one proposal, through a two round cycle of secret voting, to receive the net proceeds of the evening. Grants have been in the neighborhood of $700 cash money. Each month, the previous month's winner reports on their project.

RSVP by email, portlandstock at gmail dot com, the meal reservations, limited by logistics, fill quickly. Details: www.portlandstock.blogspot.com At PNCA 12 NW Johnson 6PM-8 $10 cash only

Richard Foreman is a NY-based modern American phenomenon. Very challenging and densely constructed material. Portland fans with NY connections have been throwing a festival based on his work, the Richard Foreman Mini-Festival, now in the eighth year. The early show has David Abel + Sam Miller, Chuck Barnes + Lois Leveen, Jin Camou, Anthony Christy + Surprise Guest, Lisa DeGrace, Georgia Luce + Co., Our Shoes Are Red/The Performance Lab and Theo Wilson. The late show has Action/Adventure, Gregg Bielemeier, Tiffany Lee Brown, Mizu Desierto, Tim DuRoche + Lisa Radon, Formspace, Danielle Ross + Future Death Toll and Doug Theriault + Cyndy Chan. Both shows have the organizer Linda Austin and her Boris & Natasha Dancers. Each performer has had ten days to prepare a work based on passages assigned to them from Foreman's voluminous notebooks. All this takes place at Someday Lounge 125 NW 5th 5PM and 7 $15 on up