Monday, August 02, 2010

August 6 Eastside Art Openings

Kelly Rauer continues her exploration of video art with a new piece, Shaping Sequence. At New American Art Union 922 SE Ankeny

In the always exciting 811 block:

Nightwave Catalog is the latest installation of mysterious objects created by the epic Oregon Painting Society. They are also giving a talk Sunday as part of the Nationale subscription series. At Nationale

Howard Gillam has bright mythological marker paintings with animal characters at Golden Rule in the back of the building. At Golden Rule Gallery

Adam Burke has photocollage on wood at Redux

Not visual art, but fashion art: Holly Stalder and Laura Irwin's new store Haunt is open. Holly Stalder and Kate Tower started Portland's independent fashion community as we know it in 2000. Laura Irwin is Portland's most accomplished art and fashion knitter. At Haunt

All 811 East Burnside

Homeland is 5! The hardest working gallery collective in Portland easily has the most impact, including international impact, for the most modest budget. Exporting art to larger art cities is the only viable way to make a Portland art career. Tonight they gave a cross section of exportable, and in some cases, successfully exported artists: Bruce Conkle, Philip Iosca, Paige Saez, Ashley Sloan, Stephen Slappe and Vicki Lynn Wilson. Recommended. At Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th x Division

Newspace takes a chance with a late career photographer, Linda Connor. Connor works at the intersection of landscape, cultural landscape and spiritual landscape. This is an exciting move for Newspace in establishing their reputation beyond Portland. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th

Julie Perini is an activist artist with East Coast roots, now in Portland. Her latest is Experiments With Fact & Fiction, video interviews with neighbors and imagined neighbors. At Pushdot Studio 1021 SE Caruthers

Placement Product is a take by recent PNCA MFA's Laura Hughes and Michael Reinsch on commercial windows. It will evolve over the month. Bside6 is a great spot for installations, many active at night, viewable through windows. At bSIDE6 524 E Burnside

The Globe takes the space formerly Jace Gace and the Portland Art Center. It's a cafe eatery with big walls. They are filled by urban influenced work and photography for their first First Friday art celebration party. At The Globe 2045 Southeast Belmont