Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 30 Goodfoot and Weird Fiction vs Weird Fiction on Alberta

The Goodfoot dive bar is one of Portland's most economically successful galleries and draws on a large community of anti-minimalist artists. This month is Brin Levinson, Chuck Bloom and Yo Mutsu.

Brin Levinson paints industrial landscapes. Chuck Bloom paints surreal naturescapes. Yo Mutsu has repurposed the shunga style to focus on teen angst, sometimes including he and his wife's faces in the characters. Ryan Organ, Carrier & Sunday Grip DJ.

At the Goodfoot 2845 SE Stark Map 5-midnight Free

Baring rain, while Alberta Street whips itself into a pre-Oregon Country Fair frenzy, Appendix Space will be doing just the opposite. Daniel J. Glendening and Michael Welsh collaborate on Neverland, the result of a month's residency in the space. In the outside space, Weird Fiction presents Artificial Empathy Machine. They win the copywriting award of the month:

"Weird Fiction has found that distributed tele-actions aid the erosion of empathy for all parties involved. This ficto-quizzical cabal has been rapidly prototyping towards a more sociable medium for mitigating known human-machine interactions.

On Thursday, the last day of June 2011, auras, aspirations, anxieties and ideas will be aggregated in a cybernetic haybatch wherein mammals and computers will be attuned towards a stylistic obsolescing of pretentious and anempathetic routines. Psychological shareholders will be encouraged to interface with a massive "Artificial Empathy" machine, one that is programmed for vicarious thrills. If bloated with featuritis, the machine remains a potential mirror of the self."

At Appendix Project Space. On the alley between 26th and 27th, South of Alberta. Map 6-10ish Free

Together has three shows. Idea Board 3 is made of work from Jay Howell, Benjamin Edmiston, Casey Grey, Doodles, Timothy Karpinski, David Wien and Mark Warren Jacques. Friendship Rituals are drawings presented as an installation by Meg Adamson. Hunters and the Hunted are drawings and ceramics by Jennifer Parks. At Together Gallery 2916 NE Alberta, Ste A Map 6PM-11 Free

The Emerson Space Case has Just To Tell You Once Again, art inspired by Michael Jackson. Artists include Rita Alves, Stephanie Brachmann, Eddie Butler, Joey Edwards, Sarah Flores, Kati Green, Laura Hensley, Juanita, Angela Marks, Chrissy Ortez, Karen Radd and Ilan Schraer. Opening night music by James Dean Kindle and the Liberian Girls. View in the Emerson Space Case NE 30th and Emerson Map

There is also an opening at the always engaging False Front Studio. False Front Studio 4518 NE 32nd Map 6-10 Free