Thursday, September 08, 2011

September 10 Art & Leisure

Art&Leisure is a curatorial project of Sam Corman, writer, artist, responsible for the Carhole Gallery. He has put together a show by Darja Bajagic, Amy Bernstein, Chase Biado, Zoƫ Clark, Alex Dolan, Alex Felton, Margaret Lee, Israel Lund, Grant McGavin, Nick Raffel, Travess Smalley and Amy Yao. It begins at noon at Colonel Summers Park, with a tennis match at 1. The combination of art and tennis is not new, notable is the 1966, Robert Rauscheberg Open Score, with Frank Stella and Mimi Kanarek on the tennis racket. More of this please, Portland. At Colonel Summers Tennis Court, 20th & SE Belmont. Noon-5. Free