Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13 Curious Theremins

The Curiosity Club presents Portland theremin maker
Mark Keppinger. The theremin is an electronic musical instrument with a continuously variable pitch. You have heard it in old science fiction film soundtracks. Unusual for an instrument, it's played without touching. There are two antennas, one for each hand. one controls the pitch and the other the volume. It is magic made with electronic circuits. It was invented in Russia in 1920 and later revived by electronic music pioneer Robert Moog who made easily accessible kits. Keppinger makes theremins with vacuum tubes, a glowing circuit element in a glass bottle which are largely replaced today by microscopic circuits that are much more energy efficient. You can tune into the free live webcast off the Core77 site or visit the talk and demonstration in person at Hand Eye Supply www.handeyesupply.com/pages/curiosity-club 23 NW 4th 6PM Free