Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 2 Eastside Art Openings

RECESS is on! In new quarters, opening tonight, with the Space-Based Arts Festival: Hannah Jickling, Zoe Stal, Derek Bourcier, Kyle Thompson and Weston Smith. We and RECESS are comfortable in Interwebs space, but this show is focused on face to face interaction in real space. At RECESS at Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th

LAND has Cut Ups, work made of cut and glued paper by Brent Wick, Nathan Mckee, Emily Counts, Jessie Rose Vala, Halle Cisco, Tracy Timmins and Jason Burg. Opening at Buy Olympia's Land Gallery 3925 N Mississippi 6PM-8

Half/Dozen has inventive artist, curator and organizer Gary Wiseman At Half/Dozen Gallery 722 E Burnside (enter on 8th) 6PM-9

Newspace has Portland photographer Lauren Henkin, with a show of landscape plant photography. Plants are numerous, and our word would be sadly empty, as well as oxygen poor without them, but they have survival driven minds of their own, as illustrated by this show. At Newspace Photo 1632 SE 10th

Stumptown Division has Points of Interest by Wendy Swartz documenting her bicycle trip from Alabama to San Francisco. The show are journal text excerpts of her thoughts and observations on the trip which was an existential challenge interspersed with unexpected wonders. At Stumptown 4525 SE Division until 7PM