Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 29 Crazy Eights Design Urban Alberta

Ten years ago, Charm Bracelet, created by Brad Adkins and Christopher Buckingham, had a landmark show, Meeting People, in the Oak Street building. Over 500 artists made work hung in a visually overstimulating grid. The art was made on 4 inch square panels supplied by Charm Bracelet. There was also an early Portland social practice element to the show, in which visitors opening night passed through a small entryway introducing themselves to the person behind them. The list of participating artists was inclusive of emerging Portland artists at the time.

There are many more than 500 unrepresented Portland artists today. The format has continued, including shows like Flora Bowley's Thirty, and quite a few shows by Portland City Art the Olympic Mills. Each show takes a different slice of Portland's now much larger community of unrepresented and independent artists.

Continuing that popular format for artists to connect with people who want art for their living space or gifts to their friends' living places, The Goodfoot opens 88 Strong. 88 artists have chosen from 88 themes, to make 8 panels each, 8 inches square. The show opens at 5PM, the art may be labeled only on the back, so it can be a hunt to find your favorites. All the over 700 pieces are $50, cash, and you take the ones you want from the wall, pay and take them home that very minute.

The 88 Strong slice artists are Ace Troy, Alan Bennett, Ali Schicting, Allison Bruns, Andy Vanoverberghe, Ania Palinska, Azad Sadjadi, Beth Myrick, Brad Hamers, Brent Wear, Brett Superstar, Brin Levinson, BT Livermore, Chris Haberman, Chuck E Bloom, Colby Dahlstrom, Dan Ness, Daniel DePaolo, Ed Jones, EMEK, Emily Bates, Erika Lee Sears, Erin Hatter, Erin Nations, Faith Brown, Fred Swan, Galen Malcom, Grant Johnson, GUYBURWELL, Heidi Elise Wirz, Helena Gigena, Hunter Armstrong, Jamie Ingram, Janet Julian, Jason Brown, Jason Graham, Jeff Betz, Jennifer Griffo, Jeremy Nichols, Jeremy Okai Davis, Joel Barber, John Gajowski, Josephine Brown, Kelly Williams, Kendra Binney, Kristine Schultz, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Laura Viola, Lisa Laser, Luna Littlefeaf, Malynda Shook, Mario Roberts, Matt Schlosky, Mel Defabrizio, Melissa Dow, Mike McGovern, Mona Superhero, Neil Perry, New Colony, Paul Sackman, Peach Momoko, PORQUENO, Rev. Maxwell W. Grove, Roger Peet, Ronni J. Kobrin, Scott Chase, Sean Crogan, Summer Hatfield, Susannah Kelly, Terence Healy, Teresa Garber, Tim Combs, Todd Hinchman, Tony Morgan, Tripper Dungan, Tyler Corbett, Yo Mutsu and Zak Gere.

At The Goodfoot www.thegoodfoot.com/gallery 2845 SE Stark Map Starts 5PM

The AIA, the American Institute of Architects launches their annual design festival tonight. There is a full schedule for the event which spans a month. There will be talks, architectural tours, films and awards.Opening party for the www.adfestivalpdx.com at the AIA office, NW 11th and Flanders. 6:30PM $5

Speaking of design, design filmmaker Gary Hustwit shows his new design film Urbanized. It's a visually rich look at cities throughout the world, how their design evolved and where it's going. Just in time for the launch of place based The Atlantic Cities. At Cinema 21 616 Northwest 21st 7PM $15

The burning men and women are back from the festival in the desert and we will see if they have shaken off the dust in time for last Thursday on Alberta. Beyond that, there are brick and mortar galleries and garages with art we find interesting and that is where you will find us.