Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16 Art and Trash

Although we are good in Portland at recycling, other cities of more slender material means are better. Given our greater material throughput we have greater responsibility. Contemporary art has been criticized by some as trash. I promote the idea of aesthetics as tribal, not absolute, we would be better as a country if everyone embraced the concept. Instead we have attacks upon one another's aesthetics and trash talking about art.

Inspired by the long running Recology in San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest Art Program has teamed with Metro, regional trash collector, for a show of art made from trash. Artists Ben Dye, Mike Suri, Jen Fuller, William Rihel and Leslie Vigeant collected material from the Metro waste transfer station and have made art from it. It's pretty amazing what people try to throw away.

It's also a great complement to other reuse projects in Portland like The Rebuilding Center and Free Geek.

You can see the results at the Metro Offices 600 SE Grand. Opening reception 6PM-8 Free