Thursday, June 04, 2009

June 11 Design Jobs Discussion Network

Design is getting better, meaning more considered of the tribal aesthetic values of its audience(s). The tribes are pretty broad because the mediasphere, and our dense cities, mean just about everyone has seen Apple design, for example, and considers it favorably. Northern Italian design is increasingly successfully challenged by Portland design.

The design of objects spans one of a kind, few of a kind and many of a kind. As the numbers increase, the employment leverage is magnified - you can get a job as an "industrial designer". That is the realm of Core77 and its companion Coroflot.

Today is a Coroflot road show of sorts cosponsored by OfficePDX, Filter, Ziba and the University of Oregon. It starts with networking, then a panel discussion by Kirk James, Creative Director, Cinco Design; Nick Oakley, Industrial Design Lead, Mobility Group, Intel; Beth Sasseen, Senior Design Recruiter, Nike and Chelsea Vandiver, Head of Communications Design Group, Ziba Design. The topic will be hiring and retaining top creative talent, portfolio review and interviews, and building effective networks for filling positions. The afternoon will finish with cocktails.

At the University of Oregon White Stag Building, 70 NW Couch. Meet & Greet 2:30PM-3:30; Panel Discussion 3:30PM-4:30; Reception 4:30PM-6. $40