Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 25, 26, 27 String Quartets

I am not an expert in Euro-American classical music, but I was lucky to hear a lot working for the music school. It is magical to hear live in a good wood hall, it's a different experience once it passes through a microphone then the chains of compression to something like an MP3. The Guarneri Quartet has been playing together since 1964, with one personnel change, this is their last year. All teach at Curtis, America's finest school of classical music, they have the Philadelphia sound and 45 years of musical mind meld. Their last performance in the Northwest is at Reed College Thursday and Saturday. Friday a documentary film screens, with the quartet in attendance. Presented by Chamber Music Northwest cmnw.org Film at the NW Film Center 8 Friday $10-30, 7PM Performance Thursday and Saturday $10-43 8PM