Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 25 Floating World Animation Festival

Portland is the Floating World sometimes, yukio. Edo novelist Asai Ryōi describes in his tale, Ukiyo Monogatari, a floating world in which Buddhist transcendence focused on the next life was replaced by a transcendence based upon living this life as if each day was the last. When Ryōi wrote, Kyoto was the capital, a city of creativity, craftsmaship, art, gardens and pleasure, maybe not unlike Portland.

The Floating World is also a comics store here. Tonight they offer an animation festival for your pleasure. There is a continuity between sit down cinema, music visuals and video art and this material spans all. Animators Yoshi Sodeoka, David O Reilly, Bruno Dicolla, Barry Doupe, Kirsten Lepore, Tim & Eric Wareheim, Eric Fensler, Doug Lussenhop, Devin Flynn, Aids 3-D and Hazel Hill produce psychedelic animations. Accompanied by musicians MEGA*CHURCH, Flaspar link and DJ Bobby Dangerous.

At Holocene www.holocene.org 1001 SE Morrison 8:30PM $7