Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June 13 Our Farm Is Real

Project Grow is a practical social practice project involving farming, yoga, music and art for a community including people with developmental disabilities. It is one Portland instance of socially conscious social practice art. It is what we need now.

Project Grow has taken a brown field vacant lot and made a permaculture-inspired farm replete with goats, chickens, vegetables and a chicken coup that rivals the Riverdale School in architectural significance. It is all part of a micro CSA, organized by social practice artists and activists connected to PSU and the Art Institute of Chicago - the social practice art movement is broad and deep. Through Project Grow, the clients of the adjacent sheltered workshop are expanding beyond traditional factory work to vegetable gardening and making art. Project Grow has assembled a community to help out, including Street Yoga.

Tonight at the site, there will be music by Inside Voices, Why We Must Be Careful and DJ Janet Weiss. They will show a great documentary Growing Awareness tracing the evolution of community supported agriculture - CSA.

At the Port City Development Center. 2124 N Williams Ave at Tillamook. Enter in the back of the building on either Tillamook or Thompson

Salon reception 5PM-7:30, film 7:30PM Free