Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June 13-July 28 Summer Institute of Movement at the Headwaters & PSU

Portland has a concentration of amazing movement artists. Some of them have gathered around the Headwaters Studio which shares a space with Disjecta. Their summer festival of workshops and performances is now.

The workshops include Shadow Yoga, Javanese dance, seeing while moving, butoh, ego and the subconscious in performance and Kyogen theater from Japan. All taught by gifted teachers from here and a distance.

All the details including discounts for registering for several workshops are at the Headwaters website. Workshops take place at at the Headwaters studio and Portland State University, where some workshops may be taken for credit. Keep and eye out here for public performances, some free. Headwaters Studio theheadwaters.net/programs/ 8371 N. Interstate