Thursday, June 04, 2009

June 9 Thoughts on Design Objectified

Gary Hustwit is known for his documentary Helvetica, on type deign, which premiered at the 2007 Portland Experimental and Documentary Film Festival. His new film, Objectified, directs the same gaze at the world of industrial design. Design as brand emerged in the early millenium as an evoloution of brand memes of the '90's. Writers like Kevin Roberts, Tom Peters and many others celebrated the emergence of design as the dominant brand ingredient. Meanwhile, the great Teruo Kurosaki elevated designers themselves to brands. This film is the result.

Hustwit interviews designers on their work and shows them at work. It's one of those mysterious processes that produces beautiful things.

Tonight's film, which premered at SXSW, is sponsored by the local AIGA and ISDA chapters. The filmmaker will be in attendance for a discussion. Previous reviewers have noted a good dose of caffeine might be required of all viewers, excepting dedicated acolytes of design - or just see it when it comes out on video in about 18 months.

At Cinema 21. 7PM Tickets $20, student and AIGA or ISDA members $15.