Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13,20,27 May 4,11 Map Circles

Social practice art and mapping. They can be approaches to talk person to person. With map circles, they are.

Artist Emma Colburn invites children, neighbors, families and everyone to an exploration of the N-NE Williams neighborhood over history through maps.

The project has sessions:

April 13th Before 1865: Pre-industrialization/pre-railroad
April 20th 1865-1935: Industrialization
April 27th 1935-1965: Suburban development
May 4th 1965-1995: Disinvestment
May 11th 1995-2025: Reinvestment

Each session has a short introduction, followed by participation, by you!

Children encouraged, sometimes-often they get things adults are slow to realize.

Map Circles at Poa Cafe 4025 N Williams. 4:40PM-5:30 Free