Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 20 Veering Wild Guerrillas on the Loose!

Not really art, but a cultural vector we like, is Stay Wild Magazine. It is published quarterly in hard copy for free. Tonight is the Spring drop. Stay Wild hatchling release at the Escape Collective 3360 SE 21st Ave 4PM-7 Free

Not art, but aural fun. Laura Viers plays the Laurelthirst Pub happy hour with her famous pick up band this evening. This Wednesday and next. Before the Case/Lang/Viers tour. She is known for her collaborations with other musicians, great songwriting, a good sense of humor and a super voice. At Laurelthirst Pub 2958 NE Glisan 6PM-8 Free

One of the great things about being anonymous is that you can operate outside of the space time continuum. That has been the modus of the Guerrilla Girls since 1985. Performing in disguise, they have been an ever changing group which can be everywhere at once and nowhere at the same time.

Their mission has been to very effectively put the art world on notice that there are actually women artists in the world.

They have done it with data, humor and great design.

In an age of infinite reproduction, some individuals with a theater bent have created Guerrilla Girls on Tour, similar to Pussy Riot on tour. Guerrilla Girls on Tour and Guerrilla Girls are seperate things in the space time continuum.

Guerrilla Girls on Tour has sold out, or rather their performance tonight at Reed is sold out. But there is a night-of waiting list. The Guerrilla Girls on Tour At Reed College Diver Studio Theatre, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd. 8:15PM