Friday, April 29, 2016

April 30 Tall Scion Synth

There is a free presentation today in the analog synth world. The jargon is Voltage Controlled Amplifiers and Attack Decay Sustain Release modules and patches. But forget the jargon and come listen and teach yourself.

Patching your musical ear vision at Control Voltage 3742 NE Mississippi. All ages. 1PM-2 Free

Matt Wagner launches his new book The Tall Trees of Paris tonight. It is his exploration of groundbreaking artists in Paris, including Blek Le Rat, who was Banksy before Banksy. At Gigantic Brewing 5224 SE 26th 5PM-9 Free

There is a rumor that Chaz Stobbs has a project, The Pilman Radiant, at My Scion Gallery. 3PM Free