Thursday, April 07, 2016

April 8 Selves I

Stephanie Chefas gallery presents a group show Selfie. Artists are John Felix Arnold III, Ana Bagayan, Jana Brike, Adrian Landon Brooks, Adrian Cox, Vanessa Foley, Monica Kim Garza, Caleb Hahne, Maria Kreyn, Mike Lee, Brian Mashburn, Mako Miyamoto, Jennifer Nehrbass, Jeff P., Meryl Pataky, Erik Mark Sandberg, Lucien Shapiro, Kevin Sloan, Marnie White, Kristen Liu Wong and Christine Wu. Au courant. At Stephanie Chefas Projects 305 SE 3rd Ave #202 - the City Sign Building, formerly a low cost artist space Map. 6PM-9 Free

A little later is a concert in a warehouse by vocalist Sorne. Sorne, with a 5 active range, uses loop samplers to build a vocalscape, live. He will be accompanied by a long butoh performance by Mizu Desierto and her Water in the Desert performers, creating a visual opening for the vocal work and a background throughout. 8PM $15-20