Friday, April 15, 2016

April 16 CARPA Place

Craft Advanced Research Projects Agency CARPA / CARPA. is in residence at PNCA. Their project runs parallel to Switzerland's EToy.

They are a parody of ARPA/DARPA, a USA Department of Defense agency with essentially unlimited resources to pursue new technologies which the military could use. ARPA/DARPA created the early space program and they created the Internet. They have been seeding robotics and self-driving cars. They are great to follow if you are curious. On the other hand it sad to have the brightest people in the country thinking up better ways to kill people at great expense.

So CARPA arranges new crafts and crafts intervention in good world changing with a sense of humor too, and on a minimal budget!

This afternoon they complete their residency with participation by PNCA students and you.

They definitely win the copywriting award for the month:

Attention all CARPA Recruits!

This Saturday 4/16/16, all enlisted recruits must report for duty for OPERATION PULLED PORK workshop.
Details of the workshop/urban encampment are:


The Lab @ the Museum of Contemporary Craft
724 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR 97209

12 - 18:00

Detailed Schedule:
12 - 16:30 Student Presentations and Directors Challenges:

12 - 12:15: Student Presentation #1 Agent DeBlaey

12:45 - 13:15: Directors Challenge #1 - Craft and Mobility

13:30 - 13:45 Student Presentation #2 Agent Einsiedler

14:15 - 14:45: Directors Challenge #2

15 - 15:15 Student Presentation #3 Agents Sinner/De Lanty

15:45 - 16:15: Directors Challenge #3 (30 minutes) A

16:30: Pulled Pork & Beer Reception!!!!!!

15 - 18: Briefing by the CARPA directors!!!

CARPA, as a government agency, REFUSES TO COMMENT on the ridiculous claims put forward by



CARPA categorically denies any statements made by CARPALeaks and demands they be repatriated for treason, or stay locked up in the Ecuadorian embassy for life.

CARPA intervention and project review at the Museum of Contemporary Craft 724 NW Davis Noon-6PM Free

The Pioneer Place Galleries close at the end of the month if not earlier. This will be their last Second Saturday event.

At the Mark Woolley Gallery a gallery on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall 700 SW Fifth 5PM-9 Free

And the People's Art of Portland on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. If the mall appears closed, enter the film theater building adjacent, travel through the tunnel to the Place mall, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor, sometimes the bridge on the 3rd floor is open too. 700 SW 5th 5PM-9 Free